Our Three Pioneers


Three Wise Men from the West

Our Three Pioneers

 Henri Le Saux AbhishiktanandaFather-Bede


I would like to present the specific charisma of the ashram basing my reflections on the Christmas story, the spiritual tradition of India and the spiritual journey of the founders of Shantivanam, Fr.Jules Monchanin, Fr.Hernri Le Saux and Fr.Bede Griffiths. I have entitled this presentation “Three Wise Men from the West’. We all know that the three wise men who came from the east in search of the child Jesus, the Eternal Word.  Now I want to share my thoughts with you about the three wise men, who came from the west to seek that Eternal Word.

Seek First the Kingdom of God

“First of all seek you the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all things will be added unto you’ (Cf. Mt.6.33) are the immortal words of Jesus to humanity. The primary purpose and the goal of our existence as human beings, as Christians, as Benedictines and as Camaldoese, are to seek the Kingdom of God and its righteousness. Jesus also has given us the way or the key, to find or enter this kingdom of God. It is the way of repentance, the way of rebirth and the way of becoming like a child. Jesus announced his message saying. “The Kingdom of God is at hand, Repent” (Mk. 1.15). He told Nicodemus, “Unless you are born again (or born from above or born of spirit) you cannot enter the kingdom of God” (Cf Jn. 3.1 – 10). He told his disciples, “Unless you become like children, you cannot enter the kingdom of God” (Mt.18.3). He prayed with gratitude when he said, “I thank you, father, for you have hidden these things from the learned and the intelligent and revealed them to the babes, yes father, it is thy will” (Mt. 11.25-26).

Three Archetypes: a Virgin, a Child and Wise Men

BUDDHA  Geschenk von Dom Bede Father-Bede

Father Bede

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